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The Genuine Difference

Genuine helps people use words well, from local social enterprises to global brands.  We like subjects that are complex, challenging or hard to explain, specialising in the health and cultural sectors. We work with people when they don’t need or can’t afford big integrated campaigns but need to make their words stand out. If your organisation has something to say, Genuine can give you the words you need to reach the people you want to.

We also train businesses and organisations in understanding Dyspraxia.

“A good writer runs towards what everyone else is running away from.”

We’re all about words

What we do

We’re all about words. Unlike large, branded creative agencies, we don’t specialise in one function or type of media, like marketing, social or digital. What matters to us is the words we use, wherever they go. And we’re not just interested in one subject. We’re most interested in the sorts of subjects many of us want to avoid but none of us can.

We write:


``Is it worth having a printed version as well...?`` We'll tell you why it can be, and show you with a great article, booklet, brochure or report.


You've built the website or the app and done the social media training. We have the words.

Tone of voice

We can help you understand what makes you who you are.

Scripts and Speeches

We can help you make the right impression, from your team meeting to YouTube.

Our words are about:

Making complex ideas clearer

From the classroom to the boardroom.

Making difficult conversations easier

Increasing understanding and reducing stigma around tricky subjects.

Making words matter

Without waffle and wool. We don’t just “aim to raise awareness…”. We aim for writing that is clear, helpful and influential.

Helping people create and enjoy

From business and technology to the arts.

We work with:


B2B and B2C, from global brand to SME.

Charities and services

Services and social enterprises promoting health and social change.

Creative agencies

Could you do with an extra writer or a proofreader for a short project? Genuine is within easy reach of offices in South Bucks and Central London or Oxford.

Arts and culture supporters

We've worked with one of the UK's largest cultural consultancies on some of their most important reports.

Education and training providers

We help staff in marketing reach students and alumni, and staff in academia explain their work to others.

Dyspraxia and Neurodiversity Training

 Genuine offers training and talks to organisations wanting to learn more about dyspraxia and neurodiversity, and how to support people with dyspraxia to be their best at work, in education and in life. We believe:

  • People with dyspraxia have a unique perspective on life which brings benefits as well as challenges to the places they live and work. This is also true of the common co-occurring conditions ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyscalculia.
  • Dyspraxia can affect people in education, at work and in relationships throughout their lives if it’s not properly understood and supported throughout their lives.
  • People with dyspraxia should be hired and valued for who they are and what they can do; not just for the sake of inclusion.
  • Self-employment should be a positive, well-informed, well-supported choice for people with dyspraxia, and anyone else; not just a way to be kept off benefits.
  • With the right understanding and support, people with dyspraxia can be contended and productive in their lives – whatever that means to them.

“You give hope to parents who see a bleak future for their children.”

Theresa Hart, Comms Manager, NELCSU. Formerly The Dyspraxia Foundation


Why work with us?

We make your message stick

Three reasons to work with Genuine

  • We only focus on words Good words should be essential to your organisation, not extra. We treat them that way.
  • An unshrinking approach We’re small, but we handle subjects that are as big as they come.
  • An affordable personal service We’re a business run by a human; not a faceless agency. We don’t have staff, or interns (or interns’ interns…). The person you speak to about your project works on your project (sometimes when in need of a haircut; as you can see from the photo opposite…). And because we’re all about words, you only pay for what you need.
Why the name Genuine? Why the lemon tea?

“You’re too genuine to work in the media…”

The lemon tea is a nod to Genuine’s Anglo-German roots.  Brits solve everything with a cup of tea, and Germans have it with lemon.

Who we’ve worked with

Some of our projects. Scroll down further for testimonials and more of our past clients.

Genuine has worked with, appeared in, or presented to:

Who we are

Genuine is the work of Maxine Frances Roper, a freelance writer with over a decade of experience in copywriting and journalism.

About Maxine

Maxine developed Genuine Copy in order to best play to her strength of working with words in challenging situations. After fifteen years of writing professionally, she realised that raising tricky subjects was the common link in virtually everything she’d ever written, and turned the realisation into a focused business. A teenager during the nineties dot com boom, she learned to design websites while revising for her GCSEs, and did online journalism before she knew it had a name. She began her career writing about music, theatre and television before moving into consumer journalism, social policy and the charity sector. She is interested in the emotional effects of dyspraxia, ADHD and other neurological conditions, is a former trustee of the Dyspraxia Foundation, and supports mental health causes including Mind, male suicide prevention charity CALM and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance. In 2018 she was selected as one of 50 “rare minds” to attend RARE London at DD&D, an event to encourage diversity in leadership in the creative industries. Her first book has been supported by TLC and New Writing South in association with the Arts Council. During 2019-21, she is being mentored for an MA-equivalent in Fiction Writing, exploring loss, identity and evolving tech in 21st-century England. When not writing or tweeting, she’s usually running or horse riding. Maxine has a degree from Durham University and a PGDip in Journalism from Cardiff University. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and holds British and German citizenship.


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Contact us

Genuine works remotely and with companies anywhere in the world, but is handily based in High Wycombe, Bucks, halfway between Oxford and Central London.

High Wycombe is:

  • just 30 minutes by train from London Marylebone or Oxford station.
  • within an hour’s drive of Berkshire and North Hampshire.
  • within two hours of the Midlands and the South Coast
  • close to Heathrow and Stansted Airport

If you know Berlin, Dorset, Durham or Cardiff, you’ll have a head start in conversation too!

You can email Genuine at

or say hello on Twitter @GenuineCopy


If you’re contacting us about dyspraxia or neurodiversity, see answers to common dyspraxia questions.